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Ginger Drink

Gincoo!is made using a recipe from Ghana, West Africa and has an authentic taste. Gincoo! is a non-alcoholic ginger drink that is refreshingly healthy and energizing. Gincoo!’s recipe includes an infusion of fresh ginger root, citrus and a blend of exotic spices with a dash of sugar to taste which together gives an explosion of fresh, energizing and aromatic taste. Gincoo! can be drank mild or spicy, chilled or warm. It is all a matter of preference!

Gincoo! can also be used as a mixer for blending spinach, carrots, kale and any other vegetable and fruits of your choice into a palatable smoothie. Experience this exotic taste!

Gincoo! Shake or Stir & Enjoy!

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Spiced Millet Balls

Fula is a mildly spiced gluten free soft millet balls. Wholesome and delicious, our millet balls are made of the finest quality aromatic spices and millet. Millet is an ancient versatile grain, a good source of fiber and easy to digest.

Enjoy a Fula smooth drink by blending a ball of Fula (spiced millet ball) with a cup of milk (or water if preferred) into a smooth drink.

Pour into a mug or bowl and add sugar or honey to taste. This aromatic gluten free drink may also be enjoyed by adding peanuts for a crunchy taste.


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Spiced Millet Porridge

Made with the finest quality millet and aromatic spices, start your day with a bowl of Delicious and Nourishing Gluten free mildly spiced porridge. Millet is an excellent source of dietary fiber and is fortified with Vitamin C. Enjoy this unique alternative porridge to other non-gluten free meals.

This light savory Porridge is enhanced with a blend of selected spices. It is easy to digest and full of flavor.
Wake up or say good evening to a bowl Hausa Koko!


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